CEO / Trainer

Why Boot It?
Boot It’s best testimonial is CEO Mark Tulloch. At the age of 24 Mark was an overweight officer worker who spent his morning tea down at the bakery and struggled to run around the block. Seeking a challenge Mark enlisted in the Army and eventually achieved his goal of passing one of the toughest military selection courses on offer.

" Having dealt with a stress fracture in my back and persistent shin splints from being overweight, I have become an expert at providing training options that cater to all fitness levels. I am now using my business acumen to help Boot It community trainers to grow their own Boot It fitness business. I still love running my locations at the New Lynn, Western Springs and Albert Park locations. "

10 years military experience
PT of the year at CFQ
Certified Trainer
Dip. Multimedia
NZ Army (Reserve) Officer

Past times:
Player / Coach - Premier Cricket
Coach - Ponsonby Rugby Leauge
Spending time with my family
Watching NRL

Chief Instructor

Why Boot It?
Fitness has always been a necessary part of John‘s life as a professional soldier. As a combat solider in Afghanistan his life depended on it. John’s fitness philosophy is now 100% targeted towards getting results for members and making the journey as fun as possible. With over 1000 sessions delivered John’s experience as an instructor is immense

" As a trainer I see many people trying to take control of their health and fitness. This is what inspires me to get up early every day and to work late as a trainer. I know that through clean eating and consistent exercise, great results are achievable for every person. Being able to provide this service for people at affordable prices is what I continue to strive for. "

British Army / NZ Army
2 Operational Tours (Solomon Island / Afghanistan)
Personal Trainer
Power Lifting

Past times:
Ponsonby Rugby League
Playing guitar
Surfing / Fishing / Diving