Contact Gary at or 0220763596 prior to commencing your training

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East End Basic @6am
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Boot It Basic                6.00-6.45 am

East End Strength @6am
Tuesday and Thursday
Boot It Strength             6.00-6.45 am
East End Basic @915am
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Boot It Basic                  9.15-10.00 am

East End Reserve, 2. Nobs Line, next to the skate park
New Plymouth



Bowl of Brooklands Basic @530pm
Tuesday and Thursday
Boot It Basic                 5.30-6.15pm
Bowl of Brooklands, (park at the zoo)
Pukekura Park, New Plymouth

Central Strength @530pm
Monday and Wednesday
Boot It Strength            5.30-6.15pm
Boot It Basic FREE community session  
Saturday            8.30 – 9.15am
Grass area at Kawaroa Park (near the playground/carpark)
1 Tisch Ave, New Plymouth

Contact Gary
 at or 0220763596 prior to commencing your training


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Meet Gary

My story with fitness begun at the age of 10 when my parents took me to the local swimming club. Getting up five times a week at 4:30 AM to pack my bag and jog to the swimming pool put my mindset into “no-good-thing-comes-easy” mode really quick. Fun fact: my mum took me swimming because I was considered obese.

After a few years competitive swimming (and losing weight) I turned to Martial Arts and found my inner peace in Jiu Jitsu. It’s been more than 20 years I’m practicing Martial Arts, I can’t imagine my life without it. Fun Fact: in 2000 I hurt my back really badly during a fight, my doctor said I‘m not going to be able to lift or exercise anymore. I remembered that in 2002 standing on top of the podium.

I am a qualified REPs registered Personal Trainer (Level 4)

My philosophy

I am passionate about fitness and well-being and for me sport is not just elite athletic training, but part of maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Fitness has it’s pillars on systematic sets of exercises, balanced diet and a positive mindset.

The diet has to be in relationship with the person’s age, gender, BMI and unique body type. One cannot count only Calories or GI numbers, there’s no “magic food”; the diet has to based on reliable scientific evidence and has to be holistic, comprehensive.

The exercise has to be enjoyable, effective and safe for everybody regardless the fitness level of a person.

The most important factors are mental- the positive mindset, openness and willpower. Openness to accept new advice and instructions; positiveness to trust and to try new things out; and willpower for sustainability to maintain the fitness level.

I look forward to meeting you!

Why choose Boot It Taranaki?

  •       Highly affordable prices
  •       Unlimited sessions at all locations
  •       Full induction upon joining covering goal setting, basic health check, demonstrate correct technique
  •       Free Nutrition seminar and access to nutrition resources
  •       Regular fitness testing to show your progress
  •       Monthly email with exercise and nutrition tips
  •       Priority access to new sessions and programs – MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) style exercise,  strength session, group personal training sessions.
  •       Discounted consultation with a qualified Dietitian to assess and modify your diet to get you on track with achieving your goals.
  •       Discounted rates for  1 on 1 Personal Training & MMA

What is Boot It?

  • Boot It fitness sessions run both indoors and outdoors. The program is designed to cater for all fitness levels. We will empower you in achieving your fitness goals – whether it be toning up, running a half marathon or simply staying healthy. Our programme has the diversity and tailored progression plan to take you from whatever level you are at to a truly fit, strong and healthy state.
  • What we haven’t done is reinvented the wheel. Our basic program revolves around a balanced combination of body weight exercises and both high and low intensity interval training. Our fitness philosophy is one of balance and functional fitness. We will get you very comfortable in moving your body exactly how it is intended to be moved. At Boot It we strive for true all round fitness including strength, cardiovascular fitness, endurance, speed, agility and full body balance. Boot It Basic doesn’t use any equipment just our bodies, and the environment around us. We provide an environment of encouragement and positivity to make achieving results as enjoyable as possible. Boot It is founded on 3 simple principles:
    1. Balance in training (as in all things)
    2. Satisfaction through physical effort.
    3. Human interaction

Boot It is battle tested.

The creators of Boot It have lived and breathed the training programmes you will participate in for years. We know how to take individuals of any fitness level and build them up in a planned and methodical way to fitness levels that true athletes would be proud of.With backgrounds in the fitness industry, martial arts and also military experience, this gives us an edge over other boot camps. Everything we will ask you to do, we have done ourselves. We know what you are capable of and we know the best environment to bring out your potential. There is no better feeling than being fit, strong and healthy. We at Boot It believe that access to nutrition advice as well as program planning and goal setting should be readily available as they are vital aspects in an individual’s fitness regime. Join us, and you’ll have access to this crucial information for free.To finish up team, we have one standard. No standard. There’s no one too unfit or fit for our program. We provide progression and regression no matter where you are now. We stand proudly and confidently when we say we can cater for all in delivering Taranaki’s newest and best fitness program, Boot It. So let’s make a start!