Good things stand the test of time and this is true for the Boot It BASIC program. The thing about a military basic training is that all people turn up at a different fitness level. We have used our experiences in the military to design a program that allows everybody to participate no matter what level of fitness they are. We use the principles of progression and regression to ensure that everybody is challenged at their level.

New lynn 2Boot It BASIC program is the original and much loved Boot It program. This program aims to turn you into an expert at controlling your body through body weight exercises and running/walking. All of the exercises are done for time so beginners and super fit athletes can work side by side and both get a top workout.

The program involves strength training, high intensity intervals and a longer run phase. This program will provide you with the foundation you need to achieve whatever goal you have. There is no flashy equipment here, just effective and enjoyable body weight exercises combined with sprints and running.

We pride ourselves on being able to cater to people who have injuries through alternative exercises. You do need to be fit to train but there is often plenty you can do while avoiding exercises that aggravate your condition.

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We operate this program both INDOORS and OUTDOORS depending on the season. You will find details on our locations and times on our Schedule page.


The STRENGTH program follows the same format as our BASIC program, however we start to introduce equipment that will give you excellent strength endurance. We are not talking about heavy weight but resistance bands as well as our BOOT BARS.

New Lynn1Beginners can still participate in this program as we always bring lighter weights as we as provide easier versions of the exercises. If you are super fit you’ll definitely get a good workout from this program. We have tested it on ourselves and if you push yourself hard you’ll be left feeling high on endorphines and completely challenged.

The program still includes a degree of cardiovascular work as we believe in providing a balanced program that not only makes you strong but also increases the efficiency of your cardiovascular system.

This program is not about making you bulky but about giving good tone and definition in your body.

From our experience strength endurance work combined with cardiovascular training gives people the best results as far as weight loss and general health is concerned.

To see a full list of our locations and times visit our Schedule page.

The best way to get started with us is to try our 28 day offer that will guarantee you great results.


The Boot It BOT BOX program will really challenge you and get you fit fast. Boxing as a form of fitness is a great way to mix up your training. Our program is not designed to make you a kiling machine but more to get you working really hard through a mixture of basic boxing punches and body weight exercises.

What is unique about our boxing program is we incorporate the principles from our BASIC program to get you fantastic results.

We supply boxing gloves, focus pads and under gloves for you to hire or you can bring your own gear.


All of our trainers are experienced at delivering personal training also. When you use a Boot It Personal Trainer one of the added bonuses is you receive complimentary group training at your trainers Boot It location. This means you have the perfect supplement to your personal training sessions.


Our Personal Training program uses are highly effective Boot It programs and can be conducted at your home or at a local park if you prefer. We know all the parks in our area and many have good shelter.

Personal training doesn’t fit into the budget of everybody so we have come up with the Group Personal Training concept. If you train with a friend or a bunch of friend you really do have an affordable personal training option.


PT: 2 x 45mins sessions – $90 per week (includes unlimited membership at your trainers Boot It location)

Group PT: 2 x 45mins sessions – $60 per week *minimum of 2 people (includes unlimited membership at your trainers Boot It location)

What you can expect from your personal trainer:

  • An initial assessment of your health and fitness
  • A personalised program catered directly to your goals and your body
  • Nutrition advice to supplement your fitness training
  • Keeping you accountable to your goals

The team at Boot It are experts at providing training and activities that build an effective and cohesive team. Not only to we have the personal experience of being a part of one of the military, we have also conducted training for a number of Corporate and Youth based organisations.

We offer a huge amount of flexibility and options for Corporate Training and Team Building activities. You can be assured that we will use all of our experience in planning, fitness, leadership development and motivation to deliver you a high quality team building events.

Our experience ranges from 1 day programs right through to 6 week live-in courses with youth.

Please contact our Director Mark to start discussion for your Team Building requirements.

Mark Tulloch
022 629 0517

team building


The Boot It Super Women Program is specifically for the women of Boot It.

We deliver a combination of the following programs:
Boot Box

This keep the training varied and fun. Our sessions are child friendly but self supervised.

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