The Start

3 Core Principles From Day One

Boot It started from humble beginnings. There was no massive launch party or cutting of a ribbon. True to our philosophy of doing the basics well we started in a park in Central Auckland with a set of cone and dewalt stereo and a group of university students.

As personal trainers our training was unavailable unless you could afford PT. We wanted to share our training methods with as many people as possible and that meant giving people a more affordable solution. We looked at other boot camps and noticed that the prices were ridiculously high. We couldn’t understand how trainers could charge so much to get people running around in a park.

We found the sweet spot with affordable prices but top quality training to achieve awesome results.

It goes without saying that good training must be EFFECTIVE. For training to be effective it needs to be delivered in a way that people can sustain an effort over a period of time. We set about designing a program that was truly for ALL FITNESS LEVELS. Being humble is an honourable trait but when you nail something from day 1 you just have to own it.


Affordable, Effective & Fun Training from Day One


Affordable Membership

We aren’t cheap but we do believe in providing affordable training. When we left gyms we saw a massive hole in the type of training and support that people needed. The answer was not in low cost gyms and it was not in having your own personal trainer. We knew if we could get a group of people together to do some effective and fun training they would get amazing results for an affordable price. FB Advert

Effective Training

Both John and Mark and laid back guys. They don’t make too much of a fuss about anything real. But don’t let that fool you with regards to training. The Boot It Training Programs pack a real punch. You’ll receive training that provide a real challenge with good variety. The fact that everything is planned for you make getting your goals a breeze. Just turn up and we will scale up your exercises as you get fitter, faster and stronger.

Fun Times!

Hanging out with cool people is an added bonus of being part of the Boot It Crew. Whether you are into belonging to a community or not you’ll find that Boot It members are not pretentious at all. We attract people without ego who are turning up for their own personal reasons. They’ve done the gym thing and it just doesn’t give the level of motivation required. Training is a fun environment is highly motivating. Come and get your results.