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We endeavour to provide a community based program that bridges the gap between a gym and personal training.


3000 customers can’t be wrong
Our training program delivers guaranteed results for people of all fitness levels.


A great environment that is team based and socially interactive will keep you highly motivated.

The benefits of training with Boot It

  • Knowledge & Experience

    Boot It co-founders John and Mark are humble guys that come from a military and fitness background. They have adapted the fitness methods they learnt in the military to deliver a program that is effective for all fitness levels. The Team at Boot come from many backgrounds and give an excellent balance to the training.

  • All Fitness Levels

    Our program uses the principle of ‘progression and regression’ to give every participant the ability to work to their own levels within a group environment. From super fit to completely inactive you will progress your fitness at the speed that you want.

  • Indoors & Outdoors

    We love training outdoors and feeling the elements is great. To date we have never cancelled a session no matter what the weather is doing.  There is an old saying in the Army. Any fool can be cold, wet and uncomfortable. During the winter months we head inside to take away any excuses not to train.

  • Flexible Payment Options

    We offer payment options that include a ‘no fixed-term’ option as well as a discounted rate for a longer commitment to you’re health and fitness goals. For the level of service and training that we provide our prices are very affordable.

  • Guaranteed Results

    We know that if you follow our health and nutrition plan that you will get fantastic results. We are happy to offer you a guarantee that our service will deliver you great results

  • Many Locations & Times

    Boot It currently has 22 locations across Auckland & Taranaki. You have plenty of training times and locations that can fit around your schedule. We also offer PT for those who can’t make our session times.

Start Training Now with Boot It Fitness

$59 promo offer

Here you’ll find out what Boot It is, what to expect when you come along, who runs it, and heaps of tools to help you conquer your fitness goals.

Want to tone up, run a half marathon, or stay healthy? Want to get in shape, or get in the best shape of your life? Boot It is the way to go.

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Prices for Boot It! Auckland Boot Camp

What is Boot It?

Boot It is an Auckland-based outdoor fitness programme that will take you from your current fitness level to your full potential.

  • Boot It was created by the pros – and it’s battle tested.
    We’re not fly-by-nighters jumping on the Boot Camp bandwagon – we have extensive military and fitness industry experience. That means we know what works. And we know you’ll get the best results when you work out in a fun, challenging and supportive environment.
  • Boot It is for everyone — and that means YOU!
    When you come along for your free week trial you’ll meet guys and girls at all different fitness levels.
    There’s no minimum fitness standard you have to meet — just give each training session your best shot!

Indoors & Outdoors - Boot It Auckland Boot Camp

  • Boot It is a great way to mix up your current training
    Already super fit? Add Boot It to your usual schedule and you’ll take your fitness to the next level. It’s a great way to get past a plateau and beat workout boredom. The Boot It programme has the diversity and tailored progression plan to challenge anybody.
  • Boot It isn’t about creating “tough guys”
    You won’t get wannabe military people barking at you.
    You will get the most effective aspects of fitness in a truly motivating environment. And you will be pushed further than you think you can go. Best of all, you will get results!
  • Boot It is top-notch training minus the hefty price tag.
    As Personal Trainers we know quality training isn’t easily accessible to everybody. Gyms are expensive and can be impersonal so we made Boot It! cost-effective and sure to get results.

Schedule & Location - Boot It Auckland Boot Camp






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