Did you know 80% of people with a Gym membership drop out

Statistics show that 80% of people who attend a gym either do no attend regularly or at all. We believe this is due to a lack of support and a lack of a good vibe at training.

At our Auckland, Taranaki and Hamilton boot camp locations you’ll find the vibe is awesome, the training is fun and challenging and people get long term results.

You’ll see that our rates are super affordable and we go above and beyond to help you with your fitness goals.

. People who attend regular group training get better results


People who have trained with Boot It


Locations delivering quality training


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5 Star ratings on Facebook & Google


5000 customers can’t be wrong
Our training program delivers guaranteed results for people of all fitness levels.


A great environment that is team based and socially interactive will keep you highly motivated.



We endeavour to provide a community based program that bridges the gap between a gym and personal training.

The benefits of training with Boot It

  • Knowledge & Experience

    Boot It co-founders John and Mark are humble guys that come from a military and fitness background. They have adapted the fitness methods they learnt in the military to deliver a program that is effective for all fitness levels. The Team at Boot It come from many backgrounds and give an excellent balance to the training.

  • All Fitness Levels

    Our program uses the principle of ‘progression and regression’ to give every participant the ability to work to their own levels within a group environment. From super fit to completely inactive you will progress your fitness at the speed that you want.

  • Indoors & Outdoors

    We love training outdoors and feeling the elements is great. To date we have never cancelled a session no matter what the weather is doing.  There is an old saying in the Army. Any fool can be cold, wet and uncomfortable. During the winter months we head inside to take away any excuses not to train.

  • Events & Social Activities

    Boot It facilitates social activities that are no extra cost for all members. In the past we have climbed Tongariro, hiked Rangitoto and done walks through the Waitakeres. Coming soon will be a trip to The Pinnacles

  • FREE Trial

    All our Saturday sessions are 100% Free for everybody. Get down and try a session and speak to a trainer about your health and fitness goals. Here is the list of our Free Saturday Sessions

  • Flexible Payment Options

    We offer payment options that include a ‘no fixed-term’ option as well as a discounted rate for a longer commitment to you’re health and fitness goals. For the level of service and training that we provide our prices are very affordable.

  • Guaranteed Results

    We know that if you follow our health and nutrition plan that you will get fantastic results. We are happy to offer you a guarantee that our service will deliver you great results

  • Many Locations & Times

    Boot It currently has 22 locations across Auckland & Taranaki. You have plenty of training times and locations that can fit around your schedule. We also offer PT for those who can’t make our session times.

  • Motivation & Nutrition Support

    FREE nutrition, exercise and health & well-being advice. Our trainers all provide expert advice and motivation to give you a complete solution to your goals.

What you won’t see at Boot It

  • No Yelling

    We believe in positive reinforcement & motivation

  • No Swearing

    Our trainers are professional. We do not swear at people

  • No Excluding

    Our program is 100% for everybody. We don’t exclude anybody.

  • No Big Egos

    Our trainers are humble normal everyday people